Thursday, 22 October 2009

Over The Top Blog Award

I have been tagged with the "Over The Top Blog Award" by the lovely Leona, which means I have to answer the following questions and then tag 3 other blogs. (Although I don't have enough friends to tag blogs D: haha).

1 Where is your cell phone? In front of me ;D
2 Your hair? Need to grow longer faster!
3 Your mother? A pain in the bum, but I love her :)
4 Your father? A rockstar.
5 Your Favorite food? Pizzaaaa.
6 Your dream last night? I dreamt of the perfect outfit.. now I'm trying to search for the matching dress!
7 Your favorite drink? Pepsi.
8 Your dream/goal? Goal at the moment, to finish college.
9 What room are you in? Living room.
10 Your hobby? Jewellery making.
11 Your fear? Scared of lots D:
12 Where do you want to be in six years? I'll be 25. Um, I dunno, living in my own flat.
13 Where were you last night? At home, like I always am!
14 Something that you aren't? A nice person. =p
15 Muffins? Love them, but am on a diet. =p
16 Wish list item? At the moment, a sexy new camera.
17 Where did you grow up? Felixstowe.
18 Last thing you did? Went for a walk with my dad and his new doggy.
19 What are you wearing? Jeans and a t-shirt. Boring. =(
20 Your TV? Dunno?
21 Your pets? Two cats :)
22 Friends? I have amazing friends !
23 Your life? Stressful at college. Calm at home.
24 Your mood? Worrying.
25 Missing someone? Yeah.
26 Vehicle? None.
27 Something you're not wearing? Um, hat? =p
28 Your favorite store? IT SHALL ALWAYS BE WOOLWORTHS! *sniffs* (I worked there for those who don't know why I'm so overdramatic about it =p)
29 Your favorite color? Blue.
30 When was the last time you laughed? Earlier. For some reason Dad's dog putting the whole head of another dog in his mouth put me in stitches =p Probably because the other dog's face afterwards was classic. =p
31 Last time you cried? Probably recently. I'm a crybaby.
32 Your best friend? My boyfriend.
33 One place where you go over and over? To Ipswich. For college. D:
34 One person who emails you regularly? eBay. =p
35 Favorite place to eat? That cute small cafe my boyfriend & I go to in Colchester. :)


Sorry I haven't been updating with small shops I like. Any free time I have goes towards college work and trying to promote Ducky Charms Jewellery as I have switched to Folksy instead of using eBay. I didn't realise how much hard work it was to advertise!

I'm still looking for shops though. :)
Want to be featured? E-mail me at with a link to your shop and what you make!

Have a good weekend everyone! :)


mariarose said...

Aww I love your jewellery so much it is super super cute! :]
Love + Hype! xxxx

Ducky said...

Aww thank you so much! :)