Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Hi everyone!

I'm really sorry for not blogging for over a month! I've been incredibly busy with college work and my Dad has unfortunately got very ill so obviously he's my main concern right now.

Its just been a bit hectic but hopefully over the Christmas holidays I'll be finding more wonderful handmade creations to blog about! =]

And remember, do leave me a comment if you want me to advertise your online shop in this blog.

Merry Christmas. =]

♥ Freaky Boutique ♥

Link: Freaky Boutique Blogspot

This online shop isn't officially open but when I saw the blog of sneak peeks of what will be avaliable to buy I got really excited and had to blog!

My awesome friend Kirstie is running this shop and she is extremely talented with Polymer Clay. I have seen all these little cakes and believe me they look so much more amazing when they're right in front of you! As you can see from her pictures all the pieces of cake/pie fit together!

Also as I've already seen them I can reassure you that they are made in the highest quality. No finger prints, scratches, dents or marks and she spends a long time paying attention to detail to make them look realistic and pretty!

I like how she has picked a popular theme in jewellery and completely transformed it into a "gothic" style. I can see her jewellery becoming very popular =]

She's working on the website at the moment however if you become a follower of her blog, you will see that she is happy to do custom orders while the site is being made. =]

Please do check her out!