Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Hi everyone!

I'm really sorry for not blogging for over a month! I've been incredibly busy with college work and my Dad has unfortunately got very ill so obviously he's my main concern right now.

Its just been a bit hectic but hopefully over the Christmas holidays I'll be finding more wonderful handmade creations to blog about! =]

And remember, do leave me a comment if you want me to advertise your online shop in this blog.

Merry Christmas. =]

♥ Freaky Boutique ♥

Link: Freaky Boutique Blogspot

This online shop isn't officially open but when I saw the blog of sneak peeks of what will be avaliable to buy I got really excited and had to blog!

My awesome friend Kirstie is running this shop and she is extremely talented with Polymer Clay. I have seen all these little cakes and believe me they look so much more amazing when they're right in front of you! As you can see from her pictures all the pieces of cake/pie fit together!

Also as I've already seen them I can reassure you that they are made in the highest quality. No finger prints, scratches, dents or marks and she spends a long time paying attention to detail to make them look realistic and pretty!

I like how she has picked a popular theme in jewellery and completely transformed it into a "gothic" style. I can see her jewellery becoming very popular =]

She's working on the website at the moment however if you become a follower of her blog, you will see that she is happy to do custom orders while the site is being made. =]

Please do check her out!

Friday, 30 October 2009

♥ SewSew ♥

Link: SewSew Folksy Shop

These plushies are so cute!

Featuring one character named Alfie who likes to dress up each day as different people. As you can see from above, you can find him dressed as a dinosaur, a ninja and even Batman's sidekick Robin! I admire how each photo has been shot to capture each personality of Alfie's characters :)

Other plushies to be found such as weather clouds with different personalities and Pies that are Pie-rates!

Fun, humourous and original plushies. Definitely go check the shop out!

Based in the UK.

Ducky loves "SewSew"!


Hello everyone :)

I am now starting to update again. I have no excuse =p Just been a bit lazy the past week!

As you can see from the earlier post that I have written about the same shop again. If you've already been written about, I am very happy to do it again :) If you've got new products you want to show off or a sale/promotion then please contact me with all the details :)

And of course, I am always looking for new online shops, just e-mail me with a link and tell me what you make. :)

My Folksy shop is back online so please have a snout ;D

That's about it!

Chloe xx

♥ Kawaii Boutique ♥

Yes I have blogged about this shop before, and I will continue to blog about Kawaii Boutique as its one of my favourite handmade shops! :)

Since I first blogged about Kawaii Boutique, Sam (the genius behind the store) has added more things to the website! A video page giving you lovely people tutorials on how to make certain things using Polymer Clay. Currently only one video is up which is about making cupcakes. Everyone loves cupcakes! Very useful if you're new to Polymer Clay. Happy Japanese Pop music in the background, so you feel like you're getting your groove on aswell as learning. xD

More beautiful jewellery has been added :) Lots of limited Halloween creations made just for October.. yeah, bit pointless telling you that NOW however, imagine all the goodies she'll make for Christmas!

Also check out the custom items page. :) The penguin necklace is adorable!

Based in the UK. :)

Ducky loves "Kawaii Boutique"!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Over The Top Blog Award

I have been tagged with the "Over The Top Blog Award" by the lovely Leona, which means I have to answer the following questions and then tag 3 other blogs. (Although I don't have enough friends to tag blogs D: haha).

1 Where is your cell phone? In front of me ;D
2 Your hair? Need to grow longer faster!
3 Your mother? A pain in the bum, but I love her :)
4 Your father? A rockstar.
5 Your Favorite food? Pizzaaaa.
6 Your dream last night? I dreamt of the perfect outfit.. now I'm trying to search for the matching dress!
7 Your favorite drink? Pepsi.
8 Your dream/goal? Goal at the moment, to finish college.
9 What room are you in? Living room.
10 Your hobby? Jewellery making.
11 Your fear? Scared of lots D:
12 Where do you want to be in six years? I'll be 25. Um, I dunno, living in my own flat.
13 Where were you last night? At home, like I always am!
14 Something that you aren't? A nice person. =p
15 Muffins? Love them, but am on a diet. =p
16 Wish list item? At the moment, a sexy new camera.
17 Where did you grow up? Felixstowe.
18 Last thing you did? Went for a walk with my dad and his new doggy.
19 What are you wearing? Jeans and a t-shirt. Boring. =(
20 Your TV? Dunno?
21 Your pets? Two cats :)
22 Friends? I have amazing friends !
23 Your life? Stressful at college. Calm at home.
24 Your mood? Worrying.
25 Missing someone? Yeah.
26 Vehicle? None.
27 Something you're not wearing? Um, hat? =p
28 Your favorite store? IT SHALL ALWAYS BE WOOLWORTHS! *sniffs* (I worked there for those who don't know why I'm so overdramatic about it =p)
29 Your favorite color? Blue.
30 When was the last time you laughed? Earlier. For some reason Dad's dog putting the whole head of another dog in his mouth put me in stitches =p Probably because the other dog's face afterwards was classic. =p
31 Last time you cried? Probably recently. I'm a crybaby.
32 Your best friend? My boyfriend.
33 One place where you go over and over? To Ipswich. For college. D:
34 One person who emails you regularly? eBay. =p
35 Favorite place to eat? That cute small cafe my boyfriend & I go to in Colchester. :)


Sorry I haven't been updating with small shops I like. Any free time I have goes towards college work and trying to promote Ducky Charms Jewellery as I have switched to Folksy instead of using eBay. I didn't realise how much hard work it was to advertise!

I'm still looking for shops though. :)
Want to be featured? E-mail me at with a link to your shop and what you make!

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

♥ Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes ♥

Link: Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes Folksy Shop

I was attracted instantly to this shop for the amount of colour used in the jewellery!
Gorgeous jewellery, loaded with bright and colourful charms to to make the wearer stand out from a dull crowd! :)

This shop sells a range of jewellery: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, badges and rings! Even bag charms. :)

I also love the name of the shop!

Make sure to check this seller out! Perfect for girls obsessed with colour and all things kawaii!
100% Positive Feedback. Based in the UK. Posts worldwide!

Ducky loves "Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes"!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

♥ Plush Off ♥

Link: Plush Off Etsy Shop

Oh my, if you're in a bad mood, my recommendation is to check this shop out. I went from grumpy to ridiculously cheerful in such a short amount of time!

This shop is full of handmade Plushies! They are adorable, fun and come in the most coolest designs! Such as: Safety cone, carrots, cake slices, popsicles, toast, bananas, bed bugs and many more!

They are safe for babies, perfect for kids and perfect for big kids at heart like myself who need one to cuddle when need cheering up! ;D

100% Positive Feedback. Ships worldwide. Based in Canada.

Ducky loves "Plush Off"!

Ducky Charms Jewellery Information - For Folksy Customers.

(Please feel free to ignore this if you're after my other entries =p)

The one thing that I dislike about Folksy is that I can't use HTML on the main page and therefore, I can't write about my shop TERMMMZZ. So please, have a read before you buy :) I'm a nice seller! ;D

Days I am able to post: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays. All orders over the weekend will be posted the Following Monday.
I will contact you the date of when I will send it to you or contact if for some reason I can't make it to the post office. (For example, away from home, bank holidays, bad weather conditions, you get the picture ;D)

All orders will be sent FIRST CLASS! And I will obtain a certificate of posting. :) Please allow up to 2-4 days for your item to get to you! The money you pay for P&P goes towards tissue paper, bubblewrap, the jiffy bag AND the actual cost of posting it. So please bear this in mind when leaving feedback.

I accept international buyers! Please check each items listing for P&P cost. Please allow up to 20 days for your items to arrive. Again, I send by first class and will obtain a certificate of postage. Sorry - I do not accept refunds from international buyers at this time.

Please leave feedback once the item has arrived to you in satisfactory condition! I'll then leave feedback for you :) If you're not happy with what was sent (for example, it arrived broken) please e-mail me straight away at (More likely to check my e-mails first!) with your Contact Name, Address, Telephone Number AND item name. Please also state the reason for return. I will e-mail you back with my address.
Items must be returned in original packaging and within 7 days of receipt. Once I have received the return item, I will give you a full refund of purchase cost and original postage cost.

I hope that covers everything! Please leave any comments if you want to know anything else. You're always welcome to message me on Folksy or e-mail me. :)

Link: Back To "Ducky Charms Jewellery" Folksy Shop

Friday, 16 October 2009

♥ Beelovelee ♥

Link: Beelovelee Etsy Shop

A lovely range of handmade coin pouches with amazing surface designs! Honestly, each page made me more and more excited with how adorable the designs were!
The "Kawaii Cuties Pouch" is my favourite (third picture down listed above!) as it features all my favourite cute things: polka dots, flowers and animals!

She makes other items out of felt such as pins (the pumpkins are very sweet!) garlands (great for different seasons or holidays!) and even magnets!

She also has a range of earrings mostly designs of nature; leaves, flowers, deers and owls!

Make sure to check her lovely Etsy shop out!

100% positive feedback and based in the U.S (Southern California).

Ducky loves "Beelovelee"!

♥ PinkyAnela ♥

Pictures Taken From Website

Link: PinkyAnela Shop

"♥Where you find SUPER KAWAII items♥" - I absolutely agree! Loaded with an amazing amount of pink, girly and kawaii items, the best place to go if you are influenced by Japanese culture and fashion!

Obsessed with Sanrio? This shop has tons of Sanrio stuff to get your hands on! Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi etc! You can also find cute Disney gear there too! :)

Items include: Necklaces, Bangles, Rings, Earrings, and even super kawaii cases for your phones or even Nintendo DS's!

Oh, and she also makes Nail Art! False Nails with super awesome decorations on!

Make sure you check this seller out!

100% Positive Feedback and based in the U.S (Los Angeles).

Ducky loves "PinkyAnela"!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

♥ Ducky Charms Jewellery ♥

Hello everyone ! :)

You may or may not know that "Ducky Charms Jewellery" is ran by moi!

I am currently on eBay, however the fees are driving me MAD. My balance is currently at £11 for just this month so far! The irritating part is when you pay fees for items that don't even sell in the end.
So I have decided to open a Folksy account. I was a bit iffy at first, because I had no luck with Etsy. However judging from some of the handmade shops I've looked at, people are having some luck with it! :)

So, I'll be slowly adding items on to my Folksy. You can find me here :)

I've only got two Lego Men necklaces for sale at the moment xD But I'm a massive loser this weekend with no plans, so hopefully more stock will be up for sale. :)

Oh and one other thing, if you know me personally you'll know that I've got BAL-LOONY (I stole that joke from Cineworld =p) with balloons at the moment. - - If you follow the link and answer the easy peasy question, you'll give me 10 balloons. I'm entering a competition to go to Disneyland Paris so I'd be very very VERY grateful if you help me! :)

Take care everyone :)

Chloe x

♥ Nelli D ♥

Pictures taken from Folksy shop. - "Come in, come in, spoil yourself rotten...enjoy a rainbow of colour, shine ..."

The following was taken from Nelli D's Folksy profile:

"I caught the creative bug as a child and as far as I'm aware there is no cure!
By day I am an art teacher, by night I am a designer!
No stone is left unturned in my quest for the next big Nelli D thing and I attend courses, buy books and learn as much as possible to make my wares better and more exciting ! so check back often to see some newbies....
All of my Nelli D gifts are lovingly made, with buckets of enthusiasm, time and sparkle. Then like a maniac I applique, quilt and embellish everything!"

This shop has the most beautiful handmade bags and clutch purses! I have recently developed an interest to Surface Pattern so as soon as I clicked on the link to the shop; I fell in love! I absolutely adore the floral patterned fabrics used to create these items and they are so very tasteful and elegant! Perfect for any girl who is going for an indie look!

Lots of lovely handmade jewellery too, made out of resin. I really admire the crystal clear resin hearts with something irresistible in the middle such as a gingerbread man! Other necklaces include funky skull and crossbones and pretty unicorns!

Make sure you definitely check out this shop out - lots of beautiful items made from what it seems a very busy and enthusiastic lady!

100% Positive Feedback and is based in the UK .

Ducky loves "Nelli D"!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

♥ Dollipops ♥

(All images were taken from the website!)

The following sentence was taken from Dollipops' Twitter profile.

"I handmake beautiful jewellery and hair accessories for prices I would be prepared to pay myself!"

An adorable Folksy shop that has a great mix of silver and elegant as well as plastic and funky!

It has everything; flowers, cute foods (such as donuts, cakes and lollipops) to fairies, ballerinas and angels! Lots of necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, hair slides and even head bands!
I truly believe that any girl can look at this shop and fall in love the beautiful items Dollipops has to offer!

Dollipops is UK based and ran by a woman called Lolly. Also a very friendly seller! Her Folksy shop has 100% positive feedback!

Ducky loves "Dollipops"!