Friday, 30 October 2009

♥ Kawaii Boutique ♥

Yes I have blogged about this shop before, and I will continue to blog about Kawaii Boutique as its one of my favourite handmade shops! :)

Since I first blogged about Kawaii Boutique, Sam (the genius behind the store) has added more things to the website! A video page giving you lovely people tutorials on how to make certain things using Polymer Clay. Currently only one video is up which is about making cupcakes. Everyone loves cupcakes! Very useful if you're new to Polymer Clay. Happy Japanese Pop music in the background, so you feel like you're getting your groove on aswell as learning. xD

More beautiful jewellery has been added :) Lots of limited Halloween creations made just for October.. yeah, bit pointless telling you that NOW however, imagine all the goodies she'll make for Christmas!

Also check out the custom items page. :) The penguin necklace is adorable!

Based in the UK. :)

Ducky loves "Kawaii Boutique"!

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Anonymous said...

And now I've added even more goodies to the shop, included hand made plushies! :-D

Sam at