Thursday, 15 October 2009

♥ Ducky Charms Jewellery ♥

Hello everyone ! :)

You may or may not know that "Ducky Charms Jewellery" is ran by moi!

I am currently on eBay, however the fees are driving me MAD. My balance is currently at £11 for just this month so far! The irritating part is when you pay fees for items that don't even sell in the end.
So I have decided to open a Folksy account. I was a bit iffy at first, because I had no luck with Etsy. However judging from some of the handmade shops I've looked at, people are having some luck with it! :)

So, I'll be slowly adding items on to my Folksy. You can find me here :)

I've only got two Lego Men necklaces for sale at the moment xD But I'm a massive loser this weekend with no plans, so hopefully more stock will be up for sale. :)

Oh and one other thing, if you know me personally you'll know that I've got BAL-LOONY (I stole that joke from Cineworld =p) with balloons at the moment. - - If you follow the link and answer the easy peasy question, you'll give me 10 balloons. I'm entering a competition to go to Disneyland Paris so I'd be very very VERY grateful if you help me! :)

Take care everyone :)

Chloe x


Dollipops said...

I had to leave ebay as well because of their ridiculous fees but so glad you've joined us at Folksy :D

Dollipops x

Ducky said...

:D Yeah I'm excited about it.
Will probably carry on selling items under 99p on there because they sell more =p