Friday, 16 October 2009

♥ Beelovelee ♥

Link: Beelovelee Etsy Shop

A lovely range of handmade coin pouches with amazing surface designs! Honestly, each page made me more and more excited with how adorable the designs were!
The "Kawaii Cuties Pouch" is my favourite (third picture down listed above!) as it features all my favourite cute things: polka dots, flowers and animals!

She makes other items out of felt such as pins (the pumpkins are very sweet!) garlands (great for different seasons or holidays!) and even magnets!

She also has a range of earrings mostly designs of nature; leaves, flowers, deers and owls!

Make sure to check her lovely Etsy shop out!

100% positive feedback and based in the U.S (Southern California).

Ducky loves "Beelovelee"!

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Dollipops said...

Aww love those purses, especially the owl one!