Tuesday, 13 October 2009

♥ Kawaii Boutique. ♥


Description from the website:

"I'm Samantha, owner and jewellery designer/creator at Kawaii Boutique. I have been creating gorgeous handmade kitsch/kawaii jewellery for the past year now and selling on eBay, but as demand for my creations has grown I have set up this site to showcase and sell my work.

I specialise in creating jewellery from polymer clay (fimo) but also add various other embellishments to my work such as glass beads, pearls, diamantes and swarovski crystals.

Everything you see here is carefully handsculpted by me and with the utmost care and attention to detail!"

If you read this blog often I will be advertising this website quite a lot! I am always impressed by the jewellery she makes. I have spoken to her over Twitter and she is so incredibly nice so I am always happy to advertise her website!

Oh and she is offering free treats for Halloween! Perfect ;D

Based in the UK.

Ducky Loves "Kawaii Boutique"!


Dollipops said...

That Starbucks charm is the cutest!!!

Ducky said...

Yeah, I've noticed from her eBay (I'm not a stalker =p) that it sells really well! :)