Tuesday, 13 October 2009

♥ Vintage Kitsch ♥


"It's all about the Vintage and the Kitsch!"

The perfect store to buy from if you are obsessed with Etsy! I truly feel that there is something at this shop for everyone! I have already spotted jewellery that I want to buy for myself and for others as presents!

I LOVE how she uses colour chains to match the colour themes of her necklaces!

Lots of charms, bright colours and unique jewellery.

100% Positive Feedback and is based in the UK. Ran by a woman called Adele who is one of my favourite Twitterers!

Ducky loves "Vintage Kitsch"!


Deelights said...

Very cute item, love the stars necklace.

Ducky said...

Yeah me too!

I am planning to buy the cat necklace when I next get paid, its so so so kawaii! ;D